Why are human beings interested in the art?

The whole art is part of human social life, but it is not easy for us to understand its importance in our life. Every person has to know that the art is important for his life, and to put enough interest on it.

What art object really is?

The Art object has evolved with time. The meaning of the art object is not the same in ancient time like today. There was no difference between an artist and an artisan. They were confused in a group of persons doing things that were similar. But now, things in the art's domain acquired different definition. Art object is henceforth defined as a specific or particular object, that has a specific goal, which one is to reveal itself to the word and amaze. So, an art object must be unique, that is why no reproduction is accepted in this field, no matter how successful this reproduction is like the original piece. An art object is a transmission of the real life, each object should tell a story, or it will be useful for the present and future life of human beings. Find out moreā€¦

Is the art a reality or an illusion?

The art has to be seen as an illusion for a long time, people were not convinced that it was a part of the real. In antiquity, images on a painted board were supposed to be real as possible to betray people, or they were judged as illusion. Art take us away from the reality. It is just a representation, something that is not real at all. But every human being must recognize that art reveal to us the reality. It is a sort of method used to represent things from the real life. It shows us things from the reality, that we were not able to see. Face to an art object, we see the reality from another side, we could see and discover the world by some other way.

Short, the art is an exposure of reality and that is face to an aesthetic object, they look so familiar with us.