International merchant transit.

Dear international economic operator, tracking your goods has always been a serious subject of discussion. Do you have difficulty monitoring your international port transactions? We are at your side to help you. This article offers you a very effective key to letting you know the correct strategy.

Who can monitor port cargo?

The goods travel from port to port over a long distance and a long duration. Its surveillance and presentation to customs must be carried out by competent transit structures. These structures can be led by a freight forwarder and / or commission agent. What are criteria for the choice of such a competent structure. Look here to find out and end the hassle of monitoring your goods.

How to choose a structure for monitoring goods?

For a good follow-up of your goods, refer to competent transit structures or commission agents fulfilling the criteria set internationally governing the business. Such a structure must have the skills of flexibility, responsiveness, advice, adaptability, methodology, competitiveness. In terms of law, this structure is responsible for any declaration made in customs. It represents the holder of the goods on an issued mandate or use its own name.

What is the role of this cargo monitoring structure?

This surveillance is effective when the goods are taken to the transit or storage territory. Checks are made regularly to keep the customer informed about the quality of transport for his freight and the reservations to be made. It ensures good communication between the actors and runaway preparations, supplies for export. It acknowledges receipt and takes charge of the freight for the supervision of all other operations that follow. He must also proceed with the unbundling, handling, customs declaration, storage and port forwarding. The freight is submitted to customs for the formality and control necessary to facilitate further transit.

To conclude, we ask you to have a good understanding of the structures competent on the predefined criteria for a good surveillance of your goods.