Palm tree in a residential garden

We adorn our houses with flowers, trees according to our respective choices. The palm tree is an integral part of these choices. Do you have palm trees in your garden? Do you know its advantages and disadvantages? Follow us on this site to learn more.

What is the palm tree?

The palm tree, an important tree for the peoples, cultures, and economies of Africa and northeastern Brazil, is heavily used in gardens. Originally from West Africa, he is from the family of Arecaceae , giving fleshy fruits whose mesocarp is used as material for the production of “palm oil”. With its size and its presentation in a garden induces advantages and disadvantages.

What are its advantages in a garden?

With a pinnate and very giant leaf, the palm has a wide variety of advantages:


It is a source of physical protection. Its size and the arrangement of its leaves provide shade for both humans and animals. In a garden where there are palm trees, it rarely lacks shade, hence its capacity for physical protection.


With its fleshy fruit, several oils are produced and used in the daily diet. Its leaves are used to feed domestic and other herbivores. The debris and hulls are used at the cousin for the preparation.


Well arranged in row and at equal distance which gives a truly geometric perspective is admired by all. When arranged the same size and well maintained where the leaves are at the same height makes the garden very pretty.

What are its disadvantages?

Its presence although having multiple advantages does not lack disadvantages. Its size and the arrangement of its leaves quickly prevent the development of small flowers or plants at the base. They deprive these small flowers or plants of light and small rains. They also produce debris that can easily make the garden dirty. Also, its leaves can easily shelter animals or wild reptiles in search of its fleshy fruits as a source of food for them.

From all these details we conclude that the palm tree can be used as an ornamental plant for various benefits for living beings.